Our Medical Products

INDERMIL® flexifuze™

The latest in Cyanoacrylate technology, INDERMIL® flexifuze™ is a sterile, liquid topical tissue adhesive


Introducing ASSIST Silver Burns Dressings with Select Silver® and Active Fluid Management® Technology.

LDK Intertrade is a proudly South African enterprise that, in association with leading local and international companies, has been supplying the medical industry in South Africa with affordable high quality products.

Primarily, our company’s Vision is to be a leading health care contributor, first and foremost in South Africa, as well as within the continent of Africa.

LDK Intertrade’s Mission is to provide the health care industry in Africa with advanced medical technology, through an effective and efficient distribution network. 

Our company works closely with reputable manufacturers, thereby meeting the requirements of our clients, while maintaining a long term strategic view of current and future needs.

We uphold exceptional standards in service delivery, to make a significant difference in an honest and respectable manner, endeavouring to augment advanced health care for all.

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